At Kate Maller Jewelry we believe in protecting people and the planet. We also believe in good design. That's why we do things a little differently.

A longstanding passion for environmental and social justice has shaped our commitment to sustainability. Kate's architectural background has honed her eye for detail, her affinity for experimentation, and a sensibility for craftsmanship.

Each and every piece is handcrafted in our studio in sunny Denver, CO. Kate's love for the environment extends into her design practice. Her work is organic in its process and aesthetic, as she is continuously inspired by the world around her.

Reflecting and taking cues from the imperfections found in nature, Kate’s work aims to reveal the allure of organic forms and textures. The curious formations she creates are a translation and celebration of the raw beauty she sees and admires in the landscape. 


November 2013

Bit By The Bug

This is the very beginning! After years of pursuing dual masters degrees, Kate was in the homestretch of graduation, where she would finish top of her class + win a national ASLA award for her Landscape Architecture work. Despite this, Kate felt restless + asked her boyfriend (now husband) for metalsmithing classes for her birthday. The moment she sat at her first jewelry bench she knew that she had discovered something very special. It was instant magic. She had been 'bit by the bug!'

February 2016

Dreams of KMJ

After metalsmithing for a number of years 'on the side', while practicing architecture full-time, Kate quit her full-time job to pursue her passion + follow her dreams. She has never looked back, and considers this decision one of the best leaps of faith she has ever made. 

March 2017

Debut Collection Launch

After about a year of gaining additional technical training, coupled with design, planning, and making Kate launched her eponymous jewelry line with The Terra Collection. Appropriately inspired directly by the beauty + tactility of the landscape she so admires.


September 2017

Black Moon Collection Launch

The fall/winter 2017 line: The Black Moon Collection debuted. Inspired by the total solar eclipse that spanned the entire United States in 2017. 


February 2018

Debut at NY Now

Kate exhibited at her first wholesale trade show. We now exhibit twice annually.

"NY NOW, held twice a year, is the leading market for home and lifestyle products. NY NOW features three collections—HOME, LIFESTYLE and HANDMADE — that extend throughout the Javits Convention Center in New York City. It’s the premier market for all that’s new and on trend in specialty retail."

February 2018

Shine On Collection Launch

The Shine On Collection was inspired by a trip to The Denver Art Museum. In particular, abstract impressionist paintings, and the way the artists would splatter the paint across the canvas to create dynamism and a sense of depth captivated Kate’s attention. 


July 2018

First High End Art Fair

Kate Maller Jewelry debuted for the first time in a retail setting at the Cherry Creek Arts Festival in Denver, CO. With fewer than 10% of applicants accepted into this highly competitive juried art show, it was an honor to be invited. The work enjoyed a phenomenal reception!

September 2018

Aspen Collection Launch

Inspired by the color and majesty of the aspen in autumn. Featuring signature bark texture, gold, and reclaimed diamonds (more than in any KMJ collection, ever).


October 2018

Erin Kerns Joins KMJ

Getting into more stores combined with the overwhelming success enjoyed at high-end retail art shows made it abundantly clear that Kate needed help to continue to grow. Erin joined KMJ to assist with prep + production work, and order fulfillment. Kate would continue to design all collections and OOAK pieces, and still be hands on in most of the production. 

October 2018

Rachael Ray Wears KMJ

The Martie Necklace was worn by Rachael, on her daytime television show, a number of times throughout the fall season. While the necklace was originally sent as part of a press loan, Rach loved it so much she purchased it for herself - what an honor!!

March 2019

KMJ Turns 2!

Picture a birthday cake with enough candles to celebrate twenty-five store locations, two new people, our first piece worn and then purchased by a celebrity (thank you, Rachael Ray), and a new studio—that’s a lot of candles!

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March 2019

Radiance Collection Launch

Kate looked to the natural world for inspiration in designing this latest collection, and found fullness, the magic of sunlight, and the happiness that comes with travel.