Jewelry Care

At Kate Maller Jewelry we craft fine pieces of jewelry that are meant to last a lifetime. Through our use of high quality materials, and a high level of craftsmanship we intend to create pieces of wearable art that are meant to be passed down as future heirlooms. 

With that in mind all of our jewelry is made by hand, and finished with an unique texture and appearance, thus it is good practice to be mindful in wearing and caring for it. As my mom always said, "your jewelry should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off!" Additionally, we recommend taking your KMJ pieces off before swimming, bathing, or strenuous physical activity. 

To clean your jewels simply use warm water and a mild soap. A soft bristled tooth brush can be used to gently clean and scrub. Pay special attention to removing dirt and debri from around and under gemstones. Harsh cleaners, and chemicals are to be avoided. Jewelry cloths, and ultrasonic cleaners are also not recommended. Most of our jewelry has a patina (blackening treatment) applied to the silver, and over time (dependent on the individual piece and its wear) it can lighten - especially with rings. If at any point you would like your piece re-patinaed please contact us directly.