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  • Does KMJ design and make OOAK/Custom Jewelry?

Yes! We have a three-tiered approach to give our clients choices, flexibility, and pricing options. Tier One: One Of A Kind/Ready to Ship; Tier Two: One Of A Kind/Made to Order + Customized; and Tier Three: One Of A Kind/Full-On Custom. If you’re looking for a unique jewelry experience, consider a custom piece.

  • How does Tier One OOAK/Ready to Ship work?

Our One Of A Kind (OOAK)/Ready to Ship pieces are the starting point for a custom experience. We make one—and only one—of every OOAK piece. The ring, bracelet, earrings, or necklace you choose will never be replicated. These pieces are designed and handmade by Kate, ready to be shipped to you! While they aren't customizable, OOAK pieces offer a great starting point for tiers two and three, which are our true custom options.

  • What does Tier Two OOAK/Made to Order + Customized look like?

Tier Two is for clients who want to engage us in custom work without the expense and time commitment of a full-on custom. Bring us your ideas based on another piece we’ve created or a combination of pieces from our current collections. We work with you to create a unique piece individualized to you, but based on our previous work. Maybe you love a OOAK/Ready to Ship piece but want a different stone, or perhaps you like the width and formation of a ring in one of our collections but want more diamonds. Tier Two is for you. We can modify the metal type, band width, setting style, accent diamonds, or main stone to accommodate your preferences. Tier Two does not include sketches; the KMJ ring you select serves as a design tool to guide the project and the specifications. We typically meet in person once to select your stone(s) and review the details. 

  • Do I pick the stone(s) in a Tier Two experience?

Yes, you work directly with Kate to select a unique center stone, typically an opaque or colored diamond, to fit your style, taste, and budget. There are several options for cut, color, clarity, and size. We work with one trusted distributor who assembles a small parcel of stones for us to choose from. We then meet in person to review the stones and make the final selection.

  • What does Tier Three Full-On Custom entail? 

In a full-on custom project, we start from scratch. You work directly with Kate to design a ring that you love, one that is truly unique to you and your style. To begin, we meet with you in person to discuss your ideas and preferences. We take that input and sketch several design options, which we send to you for feedback. We fine-tune your selection and, if needed, provide another round of sketches. Once we’ve landed on a design you love, we work with you to select a unique center stone to fit your style, taste, and budget. Based on the design you've chosen, we put together some options for stones. We then meet in person to review the stones and make your selection. We typically meet in person 2-3 times before the ring is finished. 

  • Do you work with any stones besides colored/opaque diamonds?

Yes, we regularly work with clear, brilliant-cut diamonds. These diamonds are either reclaimed or from Australia or Canada, where mining practices satisfy high environmental standards. We can source any cut, clarity, size, or color of diamond you wish. We can also source colored gemstones but again, we only work with ethically sourced stones, which are subject to availability.

  • Can you repurpose old jewelry in your custom work?

Yes, we love to repurpose old jewelry! Tier Two is an excellent choice for repurposing jewelry you no longer wear. We rework the materials into an existing KMJ design, or tweak one of our designs to incorporate your materials. We typically reuse the stones and recycle or scrap the metal through one of our distributors. We apply the spot market price of the metal towards the new project (spot market pricing changes daily). Most clients choose to recycle or scrap the gold unless it has sentimental value; melting it down and milling it out ourselves increases the project cost. All repurposed stones must be properly inspected for suitability before we agree to work with them. Most stones have to be taken out of their settings to be inspected, then shipped to us for inspection. We suggest repurposing old jewelry for the benefit of reusing materials or if the original piece carries sentimental value. Rarely does repurposing jewelry result in cost savings. 

  • Does my order come in a special box?

All OOAK/Custom rings come in a luxe velvet box. Please let us know if you have a special color in mind!

  • Does KMJ offer engraving?

 Currently, Kate Maller Jewelry does not offer engraving.

  • What if my ring needs to be adjusted?

We offer one complimentary ring resizing within 60 days of purchasing any OOAK/Custom (Tier 1-3) ring. For additional resizing or for resizing outside of this timeframe, we charge $50 plus return shipping. Resizing usually takes 7-10 business days. Please contact us directly to inquire about lead times and shipping instructions. The buyer pays for and is responsible for shipping to and from KMJ.

  • What if I don't know the ring size?

We recommend getting properly sized at your local jewelry store. If necessary, we can send a complimentary sizer. Please contact us and we'll mail you a set.

  • What if I don't know the ring size, and it's a surprise!?

Ideally, you send us a ring that's worn on the desired finger for measurement. We understand this isn't always possible, in which case we recommend asking family members or friends or, in some crafty way, finding out the size. The objective is to get as close to the ring size as possible; if the ring needs adjustment after it's made, we prefer no more than 1.5 sizes up or down. Please note: sizing up is less expensive than sizing down, and we do include one free resizing with every OOAK/Custom purchase. 

  • How are your designs sustainable?

Please see our sustainability practices here.

  • How much time do I need to allow for a custom piece?

Our lead time for Tier Two/Made to Order + Customized is 4-6 weeks. From start to finish, Tier Three/Full-On Custom requires 8-12 weeks. 

  • What about the cost? Do you require a deposit?

Our Tier Two/Made to Order + Customized option does not have a set minimum. Tier Two ring projects usually range from $3-8K. Tier Three/Full-On Custom rings start at $4,000. It's important to note that most full-on custom work runs higher due to the level of design work that's required. While full-on custom is truly a unique way to work, it's not the most efficient. We require a deposit of 50% of the projected budget to start the process, payable before our first meeting. The remainder is due at completion. Variables like the main stone, size and number of accent diamonds, setting style, and type of metal influence the final price. Once we’ve landed on the design and the materials, we quote the price of the finished piece. We guide the stone selection and design decisions to help you stay within your original budget range.

  • Great! Let's get started!

We're thrilled you're interested in working together! Please send us an email from our contact page. Include your timeline, the tier you're interested in, your budget, and anything else you'd like us to know about the project. We'll get back to you very soon! If we seem like a good fit, the next step is a complimentary 15-minute phone call to discuss the details. If you're ready to move forward, we take a deposit and schedule an in-person meeting. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Does KMJ offer any type of warranty on its pieces?

While we pride ourselves in using high-quality materials and hold ourselves to the highest level of craftsmanship, we do not make warranties of any kind.


Due to the individualized nature and time commitment devoted to custom work, we cannot offer refunds or exchanges of any kind.