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What Styles of Bridal Jewelry Suit Different Wedding Themes?

What Styles of Bridal Jewelry Suit Different Wedding Themes?

Your wedding is a special day that is centered around you and your partner, and you want everything to be as close to perfect as possible. Of course, engagement rings and wedding bands are often a crucial part of the process, and choosing the right bridal jewelry to match your wedding theme can enhance your overall look – and atmosphere around your special day. 

However, the wedding bands likely won’t be the only pieces of jewelry worn on one’s wedding day. Getting the right jewelry to match the theme of your wedding doesn’t have to be difficult, and talking with jewelry experts can offer more insight into the process. Wearing handmade jewelry can also enhance this memorable day, but it’s important to find the right look to complement your wedding. 

Traditional Wedding

There are some timeless choices that can be a great fit for your traditional or vintage wedding. Pearls and diamonds are classic choices, and there are simple options that can go a long way in showing off that toned-down, traditional look. Stud earrings, a simple tennis bracelet, or even just a pearl necklace can give an elegant and timeless look to traditional weddings. Having a solitaire diamond or pearl pendant is also a classic choice. 

Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings can feature some of the same looks as traditional, but generally have more detail. These weddings often feature intricate lace and more detailed gowns. You can also consider vintage-style jewelry like cameo brooches, chandelier earrings, or ornate art deco bracelets. Jewelry with ornate designs can really make a statement in vintage weddings, as can using other gemstones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires. 

Modern or Minimalist Weddings

One trend with modern brides is that they prefer clean lines and minimalistic designs. Choosing sleek and simple jewelry can really accentuate this theme without going over the top. Stud earrings and delicate pendant necklaces offer the perfect accents, and simple geometric shapes can also add a modern flair to this minimalist approach. 

Bohemian Wedding

Bohemian weddings generally embrace a free-spirited vibe. Opting for jewelry with earthy elements that are common in bohemian style – like wooden beads or leather – can make an eclectic statement that fill your theme. Statement earrings with bold elements like turquoise can really stand out, while adding layered necklaces and stacked bracelets can really complete that bohemian or rustic look. 

Specifically-Themed Weddings

If your wedding is also celebrating a specific culture, it’s a great choice to incorporate traditional jewelry elements from that culture. Knowing the customs will lead you to making appropriate jewelry choices for this type of wedding. Seasonal weddings can also use different elements. For example, winter weddings can incorporate cooler tones with diamonds and white gold, while warmer tones like amber would be more fitting in autumn weddings.

There are many other styles of weddings, and there are plenty of jewelry options to go along with those, too. For more information on finding the right jewelry to match with the theme of your wedding, reach out to the professionals at Kate Maller today.

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