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Introducing The Illuminated Collection From KMJ

Introducing The Illuminated Collection From KMJ

Illuminated Collection

Crafted with the utmost care and being born out of a vision of beauty and raw naturalness, the jewels in the Illuminated Collection are here to entice your senses and inspire you. 

The leitmotif of this collection resides in the contrast between light and darkness, and the balancing act between opposite forces. The pieces in the Illuminated collection carry a lot of symbolism and serve as a tribute to elements of nature, like the Sun, Night, and Day.

As always, the jewels we have created evoke the grandiose beauty of the world we live in and refer to a theme that anyone can relate to, whether it’s a sentiment you want to share or remember for yourself. The pieces in the Illuminated collection are great as gifts for a close one, as they can serve as symbols of a thought, a feeling, or a message you want to deliver. 

The Sunshine Necklace is a powerful piece of the collection, its large pendant is reminiscent of the golden setting sun. It’s crafted out of solid 18ky gold, 22ky gold dust, and oxidized silver, juxtaposing two tones of precious metals in an asymmetrical, playful way. It’s adorned with reclaimed diamonds that add their discreet sparkle to the piece. 

We also included amazing men’s bands in the collection, like the Dusted Slice Ring. The contrast of metal colors, and textures, are perfectly balanced, making a bold piece. Yet, the way the metal is forged, something ineffably natural and organic, makes this band a heartwarming piece for your loved one to wear. 

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During its creation, we were inspired by the power of light shining through the darkness, a symbol that is highly relatable given the pandemic we have all been living through. See more of the Illuminated Collection, and choose the pieces that speak most to your heart.

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