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How to Spot Quality Craftsmanship in Handmade Jewelry Pieces

How to Spot Quality Craftsmanship in Handmade Jewelry Pieces

Not all pieces of jewelry are created equal. Spotting quality craftsmanship in handmade jewelry requires attention to detail, and a basic understanding of the techniques used in creating those pieces. Identifying top-notch quality can be difficult in some situations, and being able to look out for things can keep you from spending too much on an item that might not be built to last. 

When purchasing jewelry, you want to get the best quality – particularly if it’s for a memorable occasion. Identifying unique engagement rings for women is part of the process, but getting the best materials in those rings is equally important. By paying attention to some finer details, you’ll be able to trust that the piece your getting is of the quality and craftsmanship you deserve. 

Pay Attention to Materials

When looking at handmade jewelry, you want to know you’re getting the best materials possible. High-quality metals like gold, silver, and platinum should feel substantial – and not too lightweight. When inspecting gemstones, they should look vibrant and pure in color, without any visible scratches or chips. They should also be in their setting securely, without any wobbling. Also, if there are any beads in your piece, they should all be consistent in size, shape, and color. 

You can also investigate the crafting techniques. Stones should be set evenly and securely, and stones should be set at the same level. If there are engravings in the work, they should be clear and well-defined – without any smudges or mistakes. Other techniques like intricate wirework will often involve wrapping or weaving of wires. Those wires should be neatly arranged, with no kinks or tangles. 

Check Out the Details

A well-finished piece should have no rough edges or scratches. They should be polished to a high shine or to the desired finish – such as satin or matte, etc. If there are any functional elements, such as the clasp on the back of a necklace, those elements should work smoothly and securely. There shouldn’t be any wiggle or difficulty when opening or closing. Symmetry in the design is also an indication of careful craftsmanship, as the item should have a balanced overall look. If the piece includes multiple elements, they should be consistent in size and shape throughout the piece. 

Reputable artisan jewelers will often provide certificates of authenticity for the precious stones. Look for these or other forms of authentication. Handmade jewelry will often carry a maker’s mark, as well, indicating the artisan or designer who created it. This signifies their pride in craftsmanship, and well-established jewelry makers are more likely to produce top-of-the-line pieces. 

Paying close attention to details and how the piece was crafted together will give you a good indication as to the quality of the materials and workmanship. This can help you make a more informed decision when selecting any piece of artisan jewelry. You’re investing in quality and craftsmanship with these important items, so reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today with any questions.

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