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Artist Spotlight: Anthony Lent of Anthony Lent Jewelry

Artist Spotlight: Anthony Lent of Anthony Lent Jewelry

"Fine jewelry" isn’t just a buzzword for Anthony Lent. The artist has been handcrafting pieces for women and men for almost fifty years, taking inspiration from everything from celestial elements to architectural patterns and seamlessly re-envisioning them into a piece of timeless jewelry.

In his own words, Anthony finds inspiration in everything. "We're hardwired to create patterns. Many of my pieces are interpretations of those patterns." he takes these patterns into his own hands, and begins to draw his next piece, allowing his vision to be guided by his unique sculptural background.

Anthony Lent: the Beginning

Anthony studied sculpture at the Philadelphia College of Art, where he discovered that many of his favorite artists also used gold to bring their visions to life. It's here that he discovered the work of many famous jewelers and began his own journey into this branch of the artistic world.

His passion for jewelry-making brought him to Germany in 1971, where he studied goldsmithing and the art of European jewelry design. Coupled with everything he knew about sculptural design, it’s easy to understand how, upon returning to New York, he got his start as a jeweler in one of the most prestigious houses in the industry.

Unique Pieces of Eternal Beauty

Anthony’s masterful blend of sculptural detailing and historical jewelry designs are quintessential to the results you see in all his collections. Anthony Lent jewelry is almost instantly recognized as his, thanks to the fine details on each piece and the high standards of quality.

The images he draws inspiration from range from universal patterns everyone can recognize, to the more obscure, which Anthony himself brings out from his own artistic mind. And all represent something universal and timeless.

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