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Unique Jewelry Companies in Denver, CO

Kate Maller Jewelry - The Unique Jewelry Company in Denver, Colorado

The Kate Maller Jewelry store in Denver located at 3450 W 32nd Ave 80211 offers an amazing collection of artisan jewelry in a huge variety of styles, from classic to contemporary pieces. This unique jewelry company offers incredibly unique, ethically-sourced, and handcrafted necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and much more.

Kate Maller uses sustainably-sourced metals, recycled high-quality precious stones, and reclaimed or ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones to create each piece in her collection. Alongside her promise to sustainability is her commitment to craftsmanship by hand. The Kate Maller Jewelry Collection is completely handcrafted meaning there are no computer-generated designs, no plating, casting, or molding.

For distinguished shoppers looking for unique jewelry companies in Denver, the Kate Maller Jewelry store is the perfect fit. The quality of the jewelry displayed in the Kate Maller store shines through every piece and getting a closer look at this artisan jewelry will reveal the talent, passion, and care behind its creation.

Alongside the KMJ Collection resides 20 additional jewelry designers’ work.  Each artist that displays their work in a Kate Maller shop is selected for their unique vision, uncompromised quality of their pieces, and love for the environment. You can find astonishing pieces like the green-gold jewelry signed by New Yorker Judi Powers or the organic-inspired jewelry by Sarah McGuire, an artist who uses recycled metal and incorporates materials like linen or leather into her work. Erin Cuff, Julie Cohn, or Petra Class are just another few of the astonishing artists who display their work in the Kate Maller shop.

Visit our unique jewelry company in Denver today to see firsthand the skilled craftsmanship and high-quality materials that imbue the KMJ handmade jewelry.