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Top Denver Jewelry Stores

Kate Maller Jewelry is The Top Jewelry Store in Denver, CO Offering Handcrafted, Ethically-Sourced Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings.

The store’s signature line is the work of jewelry designer and store owner, Kate Maller. We believe in offering authenticity and true craftsmanship, which is why every piece of jewelry created by Kate Maller is handmade, designed by an artist, and not generated or carved by a computer.

Kate Maller Jewelry makes an impact not only through design, but through the strong feelings of uniqueness, celebrating imperfections, and drawing inspiration from around us. What strikes you first when examining the Kate Maller pieces is how they combine raw materials and techniques with the fine-tuned sensibility for symmetry and balance that her architect background has infused into her creations. Drawing inspiration from nature, each collection reflects a certain feeling, meaning, or quality.

In addition to the Kate Maller Jewelry collection, the top Denver jewelry store features creations from nearly 20 independent jewelry makers from around the nation, as well as museum-quality mineral specimens and a highly-curated selection of handmade gift items. The jewelry carried in the fine jewelry boutique located in Denver, CO has been carefully chosen to meet Kate’s high standards. Every artist featured in the store is committed to using sustainably-sourced metals, recycled high-quality precious stones, and reclaimed or ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. The artists create their own designs, incorporate exquisite materials, and make each piece by hand.

Visit the top Denver jewelry store located at 3450 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO, 80211, and pick your favorite items from the vast selection of high-quality jewelry, home goods, minerals, and other accessories. Our staff is ready to assist you in picking the best fit for yourself or a loved one, guiding you through the process and giving you expert advice.