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Local Handcrafted Jewelry Stores in Denver, CO

Kate Maller Jewelry - The Local Handcrafted Jewelry Store in Denver, CO You'll Visit Time and Time Again

The Kate Maller story is intertwined around creating sustainable and unique designs inspired by the beautiful imperfections found in nature, with a strong sense of authenticity and quality. These treats, reflected in her work and business style, have been received by customers with overwhelming positivity and appreciation since the very first jewelry store opened in Denver, CO.

Kate Maller transformed her line of work from being an architect to releasing her creative energies into unique, hand-crafted jewelry that put her on the list of the most inspirational contemporary jewelry designers in the US.

For shoppers looking for a distinguished experience, visiting the Kate Maller jewelry store in Denver will be a complete experience. From admiring the locally-sourced and inspired décor and details of the interior design to the stars of the show: high-quality pieces of local handcrafted jewelry made with sustainable materials and ethically sourced gems and stones, accessories, handmade ceramics, museum-quality mineral specimens, and many other unique items. Shop our local handcrafted jewelry store in Denver, CO located at 3450 W 32nd Ave, Denver, CO, 80211.