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Fine Handmade Jewelry Shops in Aspen, CO

Kate Maller Jewelry – The Fine Handmade Jewelry Shop in Aspen, CO

KMJ Aspen, the fine handmade jewelry shop in Aspen, Colorado, showcases the collections of Aspen jewelry designer and shop owner, Kate Maller. In addition to the KMJ collections, the jewelry store in Aspen, CO carries the handmade creations of more than a dozen independent jewelry makers, as well as museum-grade mineral specimens, ceramics, accessories, home goods, scents, books, and cards.

From the jewelry, minerals, and gift items to the interior design of the physical space, the store is a knockout. The design is the work of the architects at Anderson Mason Dale. Mobius wrap maple shelving, custom-built maple cases, and exquisite lighting are the backdrop for fine + artisan handmade jewelry, fine minerals, and a curated selection of gift items chosen for their ability to delight, charm, and dazzle.

The centerpiece of the store are the KMJ collections, housed in a huge split log table made of sustainable Beetle Kill Pine. Kate and her small staff of highly skilled jewelers take great pride in their craftsmanship and the quality of their work.

The KMJ team of trained metalsmiths uses only recycled high-quality precious stones and reclaimed or ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. Every jump ring, clasp, and pair of ear wires is individually crafted in-house. Even though hand-fabrication takes time, the process imbues each piece with a character unique to that ring, necklace, or cuff.

The signature gold dust featured on several KMJ pieces is alloyed in-house, using a proprietary recipe. The gold is fused to the silver to create the “dust,” which won’t rub off or wear away with time. Unlike vermeil or plating, gold dust lasts forever. The remaining gold in the KMJ line is solid, high-quality, recycled 18k yellow gold.

The KMJ fine jewelry collections as well as fine + artisan jewelry from independent jewelry makers, fine mineral specimens, and handcrafted gift items are available at KMJ Aspen. The fine handmade jewelry shop is located at 525 E. Cooper Ave. Suite #102 Aspen, CO 81611 in downtown Aspen. We're open daily so visit us today!