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Zenu Cuff
Zenu Cuff
Zenu Cuff
Zenu Cuff

Zenu Cuff


American Made

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Inspiration for the Ikal Earrings comes from the ceramic figures created during the Pre-Colombian era that symbolized human and agricultural fertility. Women were considered the symbol of fertility, wisdom and respect. Female characters were frequently portrayed in clay and placed in the graves of the dead as a symbol of fertility. The presence of these statuettes in the grave symbolized conception and rebirth in the underworld, in the same way that seeds germinate and grow. 

-Oxidized brass & sterling silver

-Ceramic beads

-Sterling silver ear posts & nuts

-Entire back of earring is sterling silver

-2” long x 1” wide


The Zenu Collection is an interpretation of 'the weave of life', reminding us that all living things are connected by an intricate thread, therefore pulling on one part inevitably affects us all.