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What Materials Are Commonly Used in Handmade Jewelry?

What Materials Are Commonly Used in Handmade Jewelry?

Whereas conventional jewelry is crafted with precious metals, you can design artisan jewelry in which creativity is valued. As the development of jewelry making has progressed, jewelry crafting also has advanced thanks to handmade jewelry-making materials.

Making jewelry is fun and exhilarating for those who are interested in creating amazing pieces.  There is a vast amount of materials that you can select from to craft your jewelry. Below is a list of the common materials used in jewelry, as well as a short description of how to use them for your jewelry designs.


Silver is a precious, rare metal. It’s one of the metals of antiquity, meaning metals that people have used for centuries. It’s perfect for fine jewelry, accessories, coins, and silverware.


Pure gold is a brilliant reddish-yellow metal rated in karats. Used since prehistoric times, it’s one of the metals of antiquity prevalent in making jewelry and coins. To create a rigorous material, gold is alloyed with silver, palladium, copper, or zinc. 14K, 16K, 18K, and 21K gold are typically the ones used in jewelry making.  


Platinum is a malleable, silver-white, largely thick, precious metal. It’s one of the rarest minerals on earth. This might be the reason why platinum has become synonymous with lavishness and luxury.


Titanium is a lustrous, strong, silver-colored metal. Mixing gold and titanium creates a 24-karat gold alloy that is promoted and sold. 


A pearl is shaped in the soft tissue of mollusks like mussels and oysters. Pearls are natural, possessing a timeless quality. You can work with pearls due to their softness. The pearl is beautiful in its natural, organic state. It doesn’t have to be manipulated, cut, or polished in any way before being used to make jewelry.


Slate, rock, semi-precious, precious, concrete, and beach pebbles are a few of the materials used. Emeralds, diamonds, sapphires, and rubies are some of the most valued gemstones used in jewelry. They could be cut, carved, drilled, faceted, manipulated, and polished in numerous ways. 

Base Metals

The label “base metal” defines metals that oxidize rapidly and are mainly used for costume jewelry. Zinc, copper, bronze, and brass are examples of these metals that are cost-effective options.

There are several other materials you can use to make artisan jewelry. Don’t limit yourself. Choose as many or as few base metals that you’re comfortable working with to create your jewelry pieces. 

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