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What Factors Should I Consider When Buying Handmade Jewelry as a Gift?

Jewelry has long been a meaningful and thoughtful gift, and giving a piece of handmade jewelry can make it even more unique. Artisan jewelry can often be tailored to the style and tastes of a particular individual, creating a piece that will carry meaning for the rest of that person’s life. Handmade jewelry is already unique in its own right, but there are several factors to consider when choosing an item for someone as a gift. 

There are always going to be budget considerations, and you’ll want to get something that aligns with the style of the person receiving the gift. However, understanding customization options and what types of materials the artisan uses is equally important. A gift of jewelry is meaningful, and the process behind selecting the right piece should be thoughtful, as well. 

Understanding Style

When giving handmade jewelry as a gift, it’s important to not only understand the style of the person who will be wearing the piece, but also the style of the artisan creating the piece. Knowing if the recipient is into particular styles – if they go for a classic or more bohemian look, for example – will allow you to choose a piece that aligns with those tastes. Along the same lines, that should help you choose the right person to create the piece. 

If you’re looking to have a piece specifically made for someone, check out the other pieces the artisan has created. This will give insight into their particular style as a designer and might even give you some ideas as to the type of jewelry they can create for your request. Understanding the artisan’s style and quality of their pieces can come through finding other reviews and testimonials that vouch for the quality of their work. 

Consider the Occasion

Does giving this piece of jewelry as a gift symbolize something?  If it’s for a special occasion or to commemorate something like an anniversary, you might want to consider different options. Certain stones or other symbols can hold sentimental value and can make the gift more meaningful. Having an artisan design and create a piece of jewelry that is unique to the relationship will make the it particularly important to the recipient. It shows attention to detail and the artisan can help create your vision. 

This is also where the versatility of the piece may enter the discussion. Is the item something the recipient will wear every day? Or just for special occasions? The occasion for the gift is important, and the versatility of a piece can add to the sentimental value. Pieces of jewelry that can easily be worn with different outfits or for a variety of different occasions tend to be worn more often – and that’s the best way for the item to become a cherished accessory.

Different Options for Customization

Knowing how the piece can be customized is important when choosing the right artisan. Check with them to see what kind of customization options are available to add a special touch to the gift. Many people opt to personalize jewelry with things like birthstones, initials, or specific designs. If you’re looking for something in particular, discuss it with the artisan and ask if they have any examples of when they’ve done similar customizations in the past. 

The right artisan will collaborate with you to try and fit your needs while offering other considerations for customization, as well. This is another place where it’s important to understand the style of the person receiving the gift, as the artisan jeweler may have worked on pieces for people with similar style in the past. It’s great to have a vision for your piece in your mind, but the artisan is also a great resource to really bring that vision into focus with their expertise. 

Materials & Quality

It’s also crucial to understand what materials will be used in the jewelry. Quality materials like gold and sterling silver are common because of their high quality and durability, but look at the quality of the gemstones, as well. Getting the best quality will enhance the overall look of the item, as well as the durability of the piece. This is another place where reviews can be helpful, as they will often talk about the durability as well as the quality of other items the artisan has created.

Another consideration with the materials can be sustainability. If ethical practices and sustainability are important to you, ask the artisan about how they source their materials. They should be forthcoming about their materials, and if they’re eco-friendly, and if they’re committed to ethical production. This will tell you if the artisan is cognizant of getting these materials in an ethical manner, giving peace of mind that your piece was made the right way, with the right materials.

Managing Your Budget

One of the bottom lines for many people is their budget. Setting a budget for the gift is important, as that will set parameters for exploring options in that range. Handmade jewelry can vary wildly in pricing, so sticking to your budget will narrow down your choices. Discuss your budget options with the artisan, and see what you’ll be able to get when working within those constraints. Also discuss the artisan’s return and exchange policies, in case adjustments need to be made or any other issues pop up after the purchase. 

Aligning all of your wants and needs with your budget can be tricky, but the jeweler will be able to help clarify your options. You want your gift of handmade jewelry to be perfect for the person receiving it, and the jeweler wants that, too. Combining your vision and budget can be tricky, but communicating with the artisan will get you on the right page for the perfect piece. For more information on other things to consider when giving artisan jewelry as a gift, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today. 

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