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What Are the Signature Features of Bohemian-Style Artisan Jewelry

What Are the Signature Features of Bohemian-Style Artisan Jewelry?

Not all jewelry is simply made from gold or silver with traditional gemstones. There are much bolder and braver designs out there, and Bohemian-style jewelry embodies that free-spirited and unconventional feeling. Bohemian-style jewelry utilizes big, bright colors along with bold designs to create a sense of individuality. Natural materials are often used to give these pieces a more organic and earthy feel. 

Many of these pieces are handmade, putting together bold and over-sized pieces to make a statement. This handmade jewelry can take on very unique and artistic looks, as Bohemian-style jewelry celebrate the individualistic nature of each piece. No two items are alike, as the Bohemian style embraces imperfections and other traits that are unique to the individual item.

Bold & Eclectic HandCrafted Designs

Many pieces of Bohemian jewelry deliver features that are wrapped in bold or intricate designs. Some of these designs can be unconventional, but can be constructed into a stunning, attention-grabbing piece. It’s common for this style to have oversized pieces, or have a mix of geometric and other organic shapes. For many, Bohemian jewelry is about embracing this bold style to create statement pieces that are meant to stand out. 

Bohemian jewelry also frequently incorporates natural materials into the pieces. These materials include gemstones, but it’s also common to see wood, feathers, shells, and leather built into these pieces. The handcrafted nature of this style of jewelry means it’s being built by skilled artisans that will add their own personal touch to every piece. This adds to the uniqueness of the item, and will often result in a one-of-a-kind item that’s unlike any other piece. 

Vibrant Colors Along with Cultural Influences

The color palette for this handmade jewelry tends to be very rich and vibrant. There will be bright colors like blues, purples, and reds – but not everything is busting with color. Those vibrant hues are offset by a mix of earthy tones like browns and greens. This adds to the eclectic look, but also allows for those brighter colors to pop even more. Layering is very popular with Bohemian-style jewelry, and this mix of colors embraces that style by giving all those colors room to shine alongside each other. 

Many Bohemian pieces are designed with symbolism or other meaning in mind. It’s very common for these pieces to incorporate charms, symbols or talismans that hold personal significance to the wearer. Inspiration for these pieces can come from various ethnic and tribal cultures all around the world. The symbolism of these cultures can be seen in some of the patterns and symbols of the designs. 

Bohemian-style jewelry is a popular option that can really make a statement. Taking natural elements along with the vibrant colors can create striking pieces of art that will almost certainly make a statement. This style is all about embracing the creativity and free spirt of the Bohemian aesthetic. For more information on this type of jewelry and how it could fit with your style, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today.

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