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What Are the Most Versatile Artisan Jewelry Pieces for Everyday Wear?

What Are the Most Versatile Artisan Jewelry Pieces for Everyday Wear?

Jewelry has to do more than just look good. The pieces you love the most are often the items you want to wear the most. That means your jewelry has to versatile and durable enough for everyday wear. Of course, they still have to be stylish, but that durability will make it so they’ll be able to be worn out to various events and occasions. 

It’s important to look for high-quality materials when searching for artisan jewelry that can be worn every day. Metals like gold, sterling silver, and stainless steel are great for longevity, but they also have to fit in with your personal style. It’s important to remember that the most popular pieces in your collection will be the ones that make you feel confident – no matter what situation. 

Anklets, Bracelets, & Necklaces

Delicate bracelets and anklets are some of the most versatile jewelry items that can be worn with just about any outfit. Stackable bangles or cuffs in various metals can be mixed and matched for those that like to make a statement with bracelets, while anklets can add small charms for a subtle, personal touch. Layering anklets or bracelets can add a bohemian look, and they can also be worn in casual and formal situations. 

There are also a wide variety of necklaces that can be worn for multiple occasions. Simple and elegant single stone pendants can be worn along, or they can be layered with other necklaces to deliver a unique look depending on the necklaces used. Chokers are also a versatile option. Adding a subtle charm to your choker can also add a touch of sophistication to pretty much any outfit. If you have multiple pieces you’re fond of, don’t hesitate to mix and match them, changing up their usability for any situation. 

Rings for Both Fingers & Ears

Getting the right stud earrings will be able to match with many outfits. Small and colorful gemstones will match a variety of different outfits for a number of different occasions. They can look stunning in a casual setting, or they can be the perfect simple accent to that gorgeous formal dress. People that have piercings in multiple ears can also coordinate different looks with a variety of earrings, giving them options for whatever the day might hold. 

Rings are some of the most popular piece of jewelry out there. Artisan jewelers can come up with some unique and individual designs that still are versatile enough for everyday use. Just like those bracelets, rings can be stacked together for a change of pace, or they can be worn individually as an eye-catching statement. Getting the right combination can come down to mixing and matching your current pieces, but an artisan jeweler can help you create items that will fit your everyday style, as well. 

Confidence and comfort are two of the most important things when it comes to any piece of jewelry. Finding those items that you can wear in almost every situation will make them the most important pieces of your collection, and they will build sentimental value with you, as well. For more information on how artisan jewelry can complete your look, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today. 

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