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What are Some Popular Trends in the World of Artisan Jewelry?

What are Some Popular Trends in the World of Artisan Jewelry?

Jewelry paramours and fashionistas have always loved the artistic, distinct characteristics of artisan jewelry. In recent years, artisan jewelry has grown to include groundbreaking skills and fascinating designs. If you’re looking for one-of-a-kind accessories, these popular trends in artisan jewelry will please you.

Sustainable Materials

Being eco-friendly is popular, and rightfully so! So, it’s no surprise that artisan jewelry designers are embracing sustainable materials. Current trends include handmade jewelry created from ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones, recycled stones, and natural materials such as seashells and wood. Fabric and paper jewelry pieces are also trendy.

Layered Necklaces

Layered necklaces are all about mixing and matching various styles and lengths. Try layering a long diamond pendant with a delicate gold chain to create a fashionable style.

Statement Earrings

Make a bold fashion statement with earrings that’ll get you noticed. Taking center stage are earrings crafted with mixed metals and intricate designs. Look for statement earrings in inimitable beautifications and bold shapes. 

Mixed Metals

Embrace the attractiveness of mixed metals by combining various textures and hues. Check out artisan jewelry pieces that combine rose gold, diamonds, silver, and other metals to create an exquisite contrast. 


Artisan jewelry is the jewelry type in which custom/made-to-order pieces are a popular trend. Designers partner with customers to fashion jewelry that tells a personal story through pieces that include profound elements, birthstones/birthdates, or initials of loved ones. 

Diversity and Inclusivity 

Designers are crafting artisan jewelry that embraces diversity and inclusivity. These pieces cater to a vast array of body types and skin tones, honoring the beauty of all people and encouraging a sense of togetherness. 

Cultural Influences

A popular trend in artisan jewelry is collections inspired by different cultures from around the globe. Artisan jewelers are designing pieces using worldwide symbols and styles, bringing a sense of cultural appreciation to handmade jewelry.

Minimalistic Chic

Even with artisan jewelry, the popular trend of minimalist chic continues to flourish. Simple shapes, neat lines, and understated chic are the traits of minimalistic handmade jewelry pieces. The less-is-more idea is showcased in slim bracelets and delicate necklaces.


Wire wrapping is increasing in popularity because it brings an elegant, unique look to artisan jewelry. Look for wire-wrapped earrings, rings, and necklaces displaying beautiful gemstones while adding the intricate element of wrapping wire around the stone. 

Nature-Inspired Designs

For artisan jewelers, nature has always been a true inspiration for their handmade jewelry. Nature-inspired designs include animal-inspired pieces, leaf-shaped earrings, and earthy textures that bring a sense of nature to the latest look in accessories. 

Kate Maller Collection: Trendy, Yet Unique Artisan Jewelry

Every piece of Kate Maller’s artisan jewelry is created in her Denver, Colorado studio. Her collection of distinct, yet trendy fine jewelry is available at shops and galleries around the U.S. She is also well known for her custom wedding jewelry collection.

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