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What Are some Popular Shapes & Cuts for Unique Engagement Ring Center Stones?

What Are some Popular Shapes & Cuts for Unique Engagement Ring Center Stones?

Engagement rings are more than just a piece of jewelry that declares an upcoming union between two individuals. They are a piece of jewelry that will be worn every single day for an unknown amount of years. That importance holds an enormous amount of meaning for any couple, which is why many couples don’t want to settle for something that is conventional or looks run of the mill. There are only so many different ways to make a ring look different, and finding that unique piece can sometimes be difficult. 

One of the most important aspects when searching for unique engagement rings for women comes down the center stone. The shape and cut of the center stone is often the defining aspect in an engagement ring, and understanding your options can really help a couple tailor their ring to match their relationship. The traditional stone of that round brilliant diamond is still overwhelmingly popular, but that doesn’t mean it is for everybody. There are a number of different options for that center stone to help you find the ring that’s perfect for you and your partner. 

Oval Cut

This cut is similar to the more traditional round brilliant cut, but is elongated just a bit to deliver that oval shape. Even if it might not seem like it would make that much of a difference, the oval cut delivers a unique twist on that classic, traditional shape. This maintains its classic appeal while still offering a contemporary touch to the design. 

Oval cut diamonds are also well known for their stunning brilliance and fire, as the pattern maximizes the stone’s brilliance. The proportions will also be balanced, allowing for an elegant and symmetrical look when set in the center of the ring. The elongated shape of an oval cut stone can also produce the illusion of longer, slender fingers – making it a flattering choice for a variety of hand shapes and sizes. 

Emerald Cut

Another stunning alternative cut is the emerald cut. This features a step-cut shape that features more rectangular facets and a large open table that shows off the stone’s clarity. This type of cut has long been associated with elegance and sophistication. The main highlight of this cut is the emphasis on clarity, which can result in a stunningly clear and transparent stone. 

The clean lines and geometric shape also deliver a timeless appeal, and is a very good option for those looking too keep that classic and refined look with their gemstone. This cut is also versatile, allowing it to be placed in a variety of ring settings. It can complement modern and minimalist settings, while also standing out in more classically inspired designs. Because of its rectangular shape, it is also well suited to custom designs, fitting in with your creative and personalized ring styles. 

Marquise Cut

This cut is well known for its distinctive boat-like shape. It is very distinctive and less common than your typical round or princess cuts. The elongated shape of the marquise cut can actually make it look like a much larger diamond, making it a unique and attractive option for those that want their stone to look bigger without the added cost. Like other elongated cuts, it can also make the wearer’s finger appear longer, making it a diverse choice for hands of any size. 

These diamonds can also be set vertically or horizontally, giving more versatility in their design. Depending on the setting, they are also beautifully paired with other stones or settings to create unique and individualized looks. Because marquise cuts can have many facets, they deliver excellent brilliance and sparkle. They also have a vintage appeal, adding a touch of timeless beauty and a bit of nostalgia to any engagement ring. 

Pear Shape

An elegant and unique cut comes from the pear shape, which resembles a tear drop. Pear-shaped center stones send out the vibe of elegance and sophistication. This cut is sort of a blend of the traditional round shape and the shape of the marquise cut. This unique shape combines the round brilliance of a traditional diamond with the elongation of the marquise cut, offering a striking appearance. These cuts are less common, adding individuality to the engagement ring. This can help the wearer stand out and make a statement with the piece. 

Well-cut, pear-shaped stones can deliver excellent brilliance and sparkle. The faceting pattern is unique on these stones, maximizing light to offer dazzling displays. The unique shape also allows the stone to be set in a vast variety of styles and settings – allowing for more creativity when designing your engagement ring. This elegant option exudes individuality, especially when customized into a distinctive and unique engagement ring. 

Heart Shape

The heart has long been a symbol for love and romance, and a heart-shaped diamond can be a sentimental choice for the center stone of your engagement ring. This constant reminder of your love and affection also has romantic appeal, as the shape will almost always stir feelings of romance and passion. Because of its unique design, it can also hold significant sentimental value for the wearer as a constant reminder of the commitment with their partner. 

The unique shape can be incorporated into various designs, and can come in a range of sizes and qualities. This makes for plenty of customization options to suit any budget or preference. The unique aesthetic and shape of heart-shaped stones will create an appearance that will almost always stand out, setting it apart from some of the more traditional styles. This makes it a meaningful choice for a center stone, one as unique as your relationship. 

Trillion Cut

Also known as the triangle cut, this three-sided shape offers a different kind of geometric aesthetic. More commonly used in contemporary designs, this cut has been used as both center stones and accent stones. This is a very unique design, and they really stand out when comparted to the more common princess or round cuts. These stones typically have a larger surface area compared to other shapes with a similar carat weight – offering the illusion that it is a larger stone without uptick in cost. 

Trillion cut stones are known for their excellent brilliance, as the triangular facets create a dazzling display when reflecting light. This type of cut can also work well with many different settings, opening the door for creative customization and ring design. This is a very unique cut that brings together versatility with brilliance, making it an attractive choice for those that appreciate how its aesthetic appeal stands out. 

Cushion Cut

The cushion cut falls on the more vintage side of aesthetics than the trillion cut, but its antique-inspired shape gives great brilliance to an overall romantic look. This timeless look as been popular throughout time, as they are known for their brilliance and sparkle. The cushion cut has larger facets than the more common round cut, but they still hold their own with a captivating brilliance. The square shape of the cushion cut has a larger face-up size, making them also appear to be a bigger diamond without the increased carat weight. 

This type of cut has rounded, soft corners, creating a gentler appearance. This cuts the balance between its sought after classic look and the modern look. This can make it appealing to a wide range of tastes. The cushion cut has become increasingly more popular over the past several years, but they are still less common than the round or princess cuts – making them a more unique choice for an engagement ring. 

Radiant Cut

This rectangular or square shape has trimmed corners, offering the brilliance of round cuts with the overall elegance of emerald cuts. This bold cut stands out thanks to their timeless appeal and distinctive appearance. The facets of a radiant cut create a captivating brilliance that sets it apart from other diamond shapes. That’s why this cut is known for its brilliance, excellent light reflection, and stunning display in any type of light. 

This style of cut has also stood the test of time, meaning it will always be fashionable. Like a number of other cuts mentioned above, radiant cut stones typically have a larger appearance compared to other cuts of the same carat due to their shallow depth and larger table facet. This again makes it an appealing choice for those seeking a bigger look without increasing the carat weight. It also fits in with a lot of design preferences, making it a great choice for customizing your own engagement ring. 

Along with the cuts listed above, there are a multitude of other cuts that can give your engagement ring a unique look with its center stone. The stone and its setting are going to be the most looked at piece of any ring, and tailoring it to your preferences can go a long way in making it unique to the individual and the relationship. For more information on how to choose the right cut for you, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today.

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