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The Radiance Collection Spring / Summer 2019

The Radiance Collection Spring / Summer 2019

The Radiance Collection – Our New New Available Online This Month!

The new collection was initially inspired by the feeling of sunlight washing across my face (especially after a long winter - à la spring vibes), and traveling abroad. Sunlight and travel bring feelings of abundance, lightness and joy—the essence of happiness and the inspiration for The Radiance Collection, our new spring/summer line. Detailed patterns from Ancient Spanish buildings (think The Alhambra) as well as the intricate forms and details found in old Roman jewelry are all influences that found their way into the new collection. For the first time since designing our debut collection more than two years ago, I returned to the rich color of 22-carat gold dust, which is always fair mined and handmade. Stones are prominent in the collection, including eye-catching rubies on the signature band in the set of stacker rings. 

Salt and Pepper Melee Sparkles + Shines

For the first time I chose to use salt + pepper reclaimed diamonds throughout the collection. The light grey speckles are inclusions, which give the diamonds a unique character. The salt and pepper melee casts a slight grayness with the same twinkling sparkle of our typical VS quality melee. So far, we have received positive feedback that the salt + peppers are especially complimentary to the aesthetic of the Kate Maller Jewelry body of work.

31 Pieces Comprise the Radiance Collection

New collections are a way to give you more pieces to choose from and a way to keep me designing, which is my favorite part of the jewelry-making process. The Radiance collection features 31 pieces priced from $300 to $4,800; most pieces run between $600 and $1,200. The collection is heavy on gold and diamonds, as it was heavily inspired by the rich tones and embellishments of ancient treasures. The stackers can be purchased individually, or as a set of any number up to five. The Sol Burst Necklace made from oxidized Argentium silver fused with fair mined 22ky gold dust + solid 18ky gold is completed with 45 flush set reclaimed salt and pepper diamonds. It is among my favorite pieces in the new collection. In addition to rings, you’ll find a variety of necklaces, bracelets, cuffs and earrings, all handcrafted and sustainably sourced. Ready to look? Browse or shop now.

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