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Spare me from perfection

Spare me from perfection

I aspire to create jewelry that makes your heart sing. I’m thrilled when a new client puts a KMJ one-of-a-kind ring on her finger and declares it “Perfect.”

A perfect fit?

The perfect look?

I keep my mouth shut. What that client doesn’t know is that a crack in a slab of concrete was the genesis of her new treasure. Most of my designs begin with the appreciation of imperfection. The nick in the bark of an aspen, the tulip leaf shredded by hail, the crumbling brick at the edge of the patio. 

Deeply inspired by the imperfections found in nature, I seek to highlight the intrinsic beauty of organic forms and textures in the pieces I create. Nature is my muse; imperfection is my goddess. By pushing the boundaries of what is typically regarded as beautiful, I replace the high polish and perfect edges with an intuitive appreciation for the flawed, the less-than-perfect. I camouflage the imperfect with a high level of craftsmanship and attention to detail. The result is an elegant yet refined creation, innovative in its texture, tone and aesthetic.

My process is akin to the experience of being instantly and deeply drawn to something or someone. The attraction simply exists, without explanation; words fall short. The experience is intuitive, not of the thinking mind. The experience is of the heart. 

So here’s the thing: the more I work with the imperfect as “beautiful,” the more I’m able to trust my own sense of self. The more I trust that beauty exists in all things, the more I reflect that beauty through my work and in my way of being in the world.

Not to spin woowoo, but I’ve been at this awhile. I’ve been on a personal quest for beauty and inspiration for years, first as an architect and landscape architect, and now a jewelry designer and craftsman. The inspiration I receive from the imperfections in the natural world transmits as a feeling. That feeling manifests in the tactile, hands-on design process I use to create a new form, a new look, a one-of-a-kind piece. 

My dream is that my way of being inspired by imperfection will transmit via the ring on your finger, the pendant draped from your neck, the bracelet at your wrist. Kate Maller Jewelry aims to inspire you, the wearer, to appreciate yourself and to own your authentic self. Celebrate who you are. Radiate your intrinsic beauty. In the words of the late poet and singer, Leonard Cohen, There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.

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