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Repurposing Old Jewelry

Repurposing Old Jewelry

What does it mean to repurpose old jewelry?

Repurposing jewelry is exactly as it sounds: we take apart old pieces and reuse the elements. We can use the stones and occasionally the metal in an existing KMJ design (Tier Two/Made to Order + Customized) or in a completely custom design (Tier Three/Full-On Custom). See our custom policies for descriptions of our tiered system for custom work. 

Original stones are used in new pieces

We typically use only the stones from the original jewelry, but we can add more stones if necessary. We recycle or scrap the metal through one of our distributors, applying the spot market price of the metal towards the new project. Maybe you love our stacker rings and want to incorporate the diamonds from jewelry you no longer wear. We'll disassemble the old pieces and work the diamonds into an existing KMJ design. Perhaps you have a family heirloom or a stone with sentimental value that you'd like to breathe new life into - reach out to discuss your specific needs. 

Customized VS Full-On Custom

When it comes to repurposing jewelry, the most economical option is to incorporate the stones from the original jewelry into an existing KMJ design. The reason we incorporate your stones into a design we’ve already done is to keep the cost down. Full-on custom work is time intensive and expensive; there’s a lot of back and forth involved in creating and fine-tuning the design. Using an existing KMJ design saves us design time and keeps the pricing more attractive. Unlike our Tier Three/Full-On Custom option, which starts at $4,000, there are no minimums on our Tier Two/Made To Order + Customized option. Each project is priced individually. We can easily work up a quote once we know your materials, and the KMJ piece you're interested in.

Repurposed jewelry is not always a cost-savings strategy

All stones from your original jewelry must be inspected before we agree to work with them. Because stones can be chipped or otherwise unsuitable for setting, we first need to remove the stones from the setting and inspect them. Shipping the stones to us takes time, and we require time to engage in the process. All to say, the process of repurposing old jewelry requires more labor than one may first anticipate, which increases the cost. What might seem like an economical approach doesn't always turn out that way. We suggest repurposing your old jewelry if the environmental benefits of reusing materials is important to you, or if the original piece has sentimental value. While you often do save a little overall, we don't advise reusing your stones and metals purely as a cost-savings strategy.

Things to keep in mind when repurposing jewelry

  • We typically recycle or scrap the metal from your old jewelry, apply the spot market price towards your new piece, and use only the stones. FYI—spot market pricing changes daily.
  • Melting down your gold and milling it out to be reused adds cost. Unless the gold has sentimental value, most clients choose to recycle it.
  • Our preference in repurposed jewelry is jewelry with diamonds, but we will consider other stones on a case-by-case basis. 
  • If you’re looking for an artist to modify an existing piece, we’re not the solution. We don’t alter the work of other artists. We only take apart, and reuse the stones and metals into new work.

 Out with the old—almost 

If you have a diamond ring that no longer fits or an heirloom that feels dated but the emerald is gorgeous, send us an email. Browse our website for designs you love, then let’s talk. We’d love to create a piece that brings joy for years to come.





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