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Reclaimed diamonds: what you should know

Reclaimed diamonds: what you should know

There’s no getting around the fact that diamond mining is mired in conflict, criticism, and exploitation. That doesn’t mean we as jewelers and you as consumers don’t have options. While traditional diamond mining can be exploitative, unethical, and unsustainable, there’s a way to purchase diamonds without supporting unfair practices.

What are reclaimed diamonds?

Reclaimed or recycled diamonds—the terms are used interchangeably—are diamonds previously owned that are now back in the supply chain. Recycled diamonds can be reused, re-cut, re-polished, and reset to give them new life. The source of a reclaimed diamond is often unknown. While it’s likely the stone was initially sourced unsustainably, buying reclaimed diamonds reduces and prevents further harm from unethical diamond mining practices.

You have our word

KMJ’s longstanding passion for environmental and social justice shapes our commitment to sustainability. We believe in protecting people and the planet. We believe that beauty should never come at the cost of harm done to another person or to the earth. To uphold these principles of social and environmental justice, we use only reclaimed diamonds in every KMJ collection. You can feel good about buying and wearing Kate Maller jewelry, knowing your KMJ piece features reclaimed diamonds.

Go here to learn more about our sustainably-sourced, unique, handcrafted jewelry, featuring only reclaimed diamonds.

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