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ring made of recycled gold

Our pledge to you: recycled gold

Ubiquitous gold. It's everywhere, from historical treasures to contemporary artwork, electronics, dental crowns, and yes, jewelry. Yet the gold mining industry is plagued with unethical practices, child labor, unsafe working conditions, and damage to the environment. Which is why we use only 22ky and 18ky recycled gold. We’re committed to sustainability and fair practices in jewelry making. That means limiting the impact on the planet without sacrificing quality or beauty.


Why recycled gold makes sense

The waste created in mining for gold holds toxic chemicals that contaminate the soil and pollute nearby rivers, lakes, and streams. The waste sometimes contains mercury, a chemical that can cause severe long-term diseases. Using recycled gold is a big step in reducing harmful waste produced by the mining process.

Where does recycled gold come from?

Discarded electronic devices and component parts as well as used jewelry are melted down to produce recycled – and reusable – gold. Recycled gold is less expensive than original gold, allowing jewelers to create sustainable gold jewelry at a lower cost. The price you pay for jewelry made from recycled gold would be exponentially higher if the piece featured originally mined gold.

We as jewelry makers and you as KMJ customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from making, buying, and wearing jewelry that did not harm the environment. You have our word: every KMJ collection features only recycled gold. You can feel good about wearing it. 

Thanks for joining us in keeping the world of jewelry-making conflict-free and committed to fair practices. Shop now for your next piece of gorgeous, sustainable KMJ jewelry.

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