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One Of A Kind Rings Are Exactly That: Unique, Special And OOAK

One Of A Kind Rings Are Exactly That: Unique, Special And OOAK

Looking for a non-traditional cocktail or engagement ring?

Say no more. Unique OOAK jewelry is a Kate Maller specialty. I started my OOAK work with rings. I went for unique, classy but not classic, and dripping with style. Couples in search of a non-traditional engagement ring loved the OOAK concept: a ring they alone would own, wear and cherish. You don’t need to be getting engaged to love a beautiful ring. A one-of-a-kind ring feels made for you, and you alone.

OOAK grows wings

OOAK has taken on a life of its own. In addition to one-of-a-kind rings, we now carry OOAK necklaces, with an eye on creating more OOAK pieces in 2019! From my perspective, designing OOAK pieces is supremely satisfying. The pieces are fun to give and delightful to wear. If the ring is an engagement ring, OOAK mirrors the love you and your mate share. If you’re buying the ring for a friend, nothing says “you’re special” like a piece of jewelry worn by her, and her alone. And if you’re buying for yourself, choose the OOAK piece that celebrates the uniqueness of you.

What makes OOAK pieces distinctive?

Look at the ring on your finger. Now imagine a wider band, or five slim bands woven together. If your ring has a single diamond, picture your band with multiple diamonds, an opaque diamond, or lots of shimmering melee. The setting can vary; there are many to choose from (read about settings here). The choice of stone is even more variable. So, too, the type of metal, the selection and mix of metals, and the thickness. You get the picture. All kinds of elements are at play in designing a piece of jewelry, which is why creating the design is my favorite part of making jewelry. I look to the imperfections in nature for inspiration. Sunlight glimmering on a floating leaf, the full moon surrounded by clouds, midday shadows on a stand of aspen. Inspiration can spawn an entire collection (like this fall’s Aspen Collection), or be the beginning of a one-of-a-kind piece.

What to consider when buying OOAK jewelry

Think about the jewelry you own, or a piece of jewelry you’ve seen someone wear that pleases you. What about that piece captured your attention? Think about what you’d like in a new piece. Are you interested in a single stone? Multiple stones? Clear or opaque diamonds? Is sustainability important to you? What about the setting – do you have a preference? Knowing what you’re looking for can be helpful. On the other hand, having no idea leaves you open to serendipity. Without preconceptions, you’re free to know it when you see it. The good news is that when it comes to my OOAK designs, I make them in a variety of ways, so you are sure to find the style that's just perfect for you.

CUT: Raw, rustic & rough rose-cut diamonds

Let’s circle back to where we started: engagement rings. Even couples in search of a non-traditional look are drawn to diamonds, just not the traditional clear diamond that so many people associate with this breathtakingly beautiful stone. Uncut diamonds in their most natural form are referred to as raw, rustic or rough. Inclusions (impurities in the stone) give the diamonds their cloudy appearance, and their unique personality.

Rustic diamonds are usually rose cut, a style dating back to the 16th century, well before today's common brilliant cut became fashionable. Rustic diamonds have a flat bottom and a crown comprised of tiny triangle facets. These facets imitate the petals of a rose, hence the term rose cut. The diamonds I feature in my unique OOAK jewelry are almost always rose cut, naturally colored opaque diamonds acquired through fair trade. I love using a classic cut in a contemporary OOAK piece. It’s a way of marrying the best of both worlds to create something magical.

CLARITY: Opaque, or icy, diamonds 

Opaque refers to the clarity of the diamond and not its cut. An opaque or icy diamond is a diamond full of impurities. These inclusions give the diamond an unique appearance. Inclusions typically make the diamond opaque in clarity; light cannot travel through the diamond. People are drawn to the opaque quality, as it gives each stone a very individual character.

COLOR: What's your preference?

The color options for colored diamonds feels somewhat endless. Some prefer the neutral tones of salt and pepper, other love the way a red stands out. It's all up to you! I often love to mix and match them together. The naturally occurring color comes from the minerals/elements present where the diamond was forming. I only use naturally-colored stones in my OOAK pieces—and in all the jewelry I make. I never use diamonds that have been heat-treated or enhanced. Why? The color fades over time. It’s important to me that your Kate Maller piece retains its brilliance through the years—as beautiful now as it will be when you gift your granddaughter with an heirloom.

Order holiday gifts by Dec 11th!

Place your order on or before December 11th to ensure your jewelry arrives in time for Christmas giving. Shop our OOAK pieces and browse our four collections to find that ring, necklace, bracelet or pair of earrings that’s exactly what you’re looking for. As always, we offer free shipping and free returns. Heads up: more OOAK pieces are coming in 2019! Come back soon.

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