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Matching Wedding Bands with Engagement Rings: Coordination & Styles

Matching Wedding Bands with Engagement Rings: Coordination & Styles

Any couple’s wedding bands are a reflection of their relationship. Coordinating matching wedding bands with engagement rings is a wonderful way to create something unique to their specific relationship. It’s also a way to show that you’re in this together by creating something individual to your specific union. 

Artisan jewelry is a very popular way to produce a unique creation, as the artisan can generally make an item that is unique to the couple. Knowing your pieces are one of a kind can give them deeper meaning throughout your relationship. There are a number of other different styles that can be considered, and sorting out which direction you can go with your wedding bands can seem a bit intimidating. Knowing what you’re looking for and getting guidance from an experienced professional can create just the look you’re searching for. 

Coordinating Your Individual Tastes

There are a number of factors that go into choosing the right wedding bands. From the metal type to the overall design, a lot of input is needed. You likely want the design elements of the engagement rings and wedding bands to remain consistent, and that includes the patterns or engravings on the engagement ring. If there are stones set in the band of the engagement ring, consider getting stones on the wedding band that compliment them. Keep the band widths and thicknesses similar to the engagement ring to maintain a balanced appearance. 

It’s also important to choose the same metal as the engagement rings. If there’s a mix of metals, keep the same metals in the wedding bands for a cohesive look. Much of the wedding bands will be customizable, as many jewelers will work with you to design a set that matches perfectly. They’ll also offer input on the stone settings. If the engagement ring has a prominent center stone, you may want to consider a wedding band that compliments it without overshadowing it. 

Finding the Right Style

Choosing the best styles for matching wedding bands with engagement rings largely depends on the personal preferences of the couple. For a traditional solitaire engagement ring, a simple and classing band with the same metal will almost always produce a timeless look. A channel-set wedding band can also complement an engagement ring with a similar setting. This will deliver a streamlined and sophisticated look. 

When working with artisan jewelers, you can also go for a vintage or antique design. This will make sure the bands feature similar detailing and engraving to keep a cohesive, vintage aesthetic. Many engagement rings also have a halo setting – which is a ring of smaller diamonds surrounding the center stone. Selecting a wedding band with a matching halo can create a striking and harmonious look. There are also other options like two-tone rings, which incorporate multiple metals, or even the use of colored stones within the bands. 

There are practically endless ways to get the ring you like, and an artisan jeweler will be able to bring your ideas to life. The most important thing is getting something that speaks to both partners. For more information, reach out to the expert jewelers with Kate Maller today.

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