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Jewelry-making tools I can’t live without

Jewelry-making tools I can’t live without


My favorite tools, and why

Leica jewelry microscope

I personally set every stone in every piece of Kate Maller Jewelry, which is why the Leica scope tops my list of favorite tools. Thanks to the scope’s excellent optical quality and large field of view, I can be certain the stones are secure and tight in the setting. The Leica’s high magnification range makes setting even the smallest diamonds precise and more secure.

Durston Heavy-Duty 300mm Guillotine Shear

Hands down, the best shear on the market for cutting metal. The Durston cuts up to 8 gauge metal, making our work in the studio more efficient. 

GRS benchmate system

The ring holder for this system is an indispensable tool for making my favorite piece of jewelry—rings! The inside ring holder attachment is a great set-up for setting stones. It allows the ring to be rotated while it is being worked on, which makes our stonesetting work more precise, and efficient.

Kate Wolf’s belt sander

Love this tool! The sander attaches to the GRS benchmate system, making setup a breeze. The sander saves us filing time, which is huge in hand fabrication. 

Quality assurance, precision, ease of work, efficiency, and convenience—all reasons why these four are my go-to, can’t-live-without tools in the studio.


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