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Is Artisan Jewelry of Higher Quality Than Mass-Produced Jewelry?

Is Artisan Jewelry of Higher Quality Than Mass-Produced Jewelry?

Jewelry needs to be unique and suited to the tastes of the individual wearing it. These precious items need to stand the test of time, too. There are a number of factors that go into the quality and durability of the piece, as both artisan and mass-produced jewelry can be made with top notch materials. Where the difference is uncovered is in the craftsmanship and – most importantly – the standards of the artisan or manufacturer creating the piece. 

Finding or creating artisan jewelry can really develop into a unique experience, as this type of jewelry is often known for the individuality that comes along with handmade pieces. There are a number of different reasons why people opt for artisan jewelry over items that are mass-produced, and the quality can definitely be one of those factors. 

Selecting the Right Materials

The most obvious impact on quality is the types of materials that are used in the creation of your piece. Artisan jewelry often features high-quality gemstones and metals, but there are reputable mass-production companies that can do the same. The fastest way to know the overall quality of your materials is to consider the authenticity and grade of those being used. Working with an artisan jeweler often allows for a more hands-on approach to selecting the materials for the client, so the quality can be determined from the moment it starts to be designed.

Because of the overall experience, artisan jewelry is typically more expensive than their mass-produced counterparts. The artisan method is much more labor intensive, since each piece is crafted by hand. Mass-produced jewelry is often more affordable for a larger range of consumers, but you’re trading the individuality for the affordability since you’ll have less say in the look and what materials are going into a mass-produced piece.

Artisans Bring Individuality

One of the issues with mass-produced jewelry is that the consumer seldom gets to give any input into the process. These pieces are simply generated to produce large amounts of sales while reaching a larger audience. The artisan experience delivers customization options, meaning you know exactly what is going into your piece of jewelry. These pieces get tailored to the customer’s preferences, allowing for one-of-a-kind items to be developed. 

Because of its handmade nature, artisan jewelry can bring a higher level of craftsmanship to your items. The artisans are detail oriented, and can come with intricate designs that are individual to your jewelry. Mass-produced jewelry is most often made by machines, which takes out that high level of craftsmanship. It can also have designs that are replicated, meaning your piece likely isn’t the one of a kind item an artisan could create. 

From customization to more creative design, artisan jewelry can deliver a high-quality piece of jewelry for any individual. There are high quality mass-produced pieces out there, but it’s important to make sure you’re getting what you pay for when purchasing something as individual as jewelry. For more information on artisan jewelry, and how its unique nature could work for you, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today.

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