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How is Artisan Jewelry Different From Mass-Produced Jewelry?

How is Artisan Jewelry Different From Mass-Produced Jewelry?

Selecting fine jewelry is a process that has almost endless options to choose from. Some of those options are made by hand by those skilled at their craft, but there are also a wide variety of pieces that are mass produced. Those created on an assembly line will generally be cheaper, but finding a specific look or wanting a one-of-a-kind piece likely means you’ll need it custom made. 

There are suitable pieces created through both processes, but artisan jewelry will more often deliver higher quality and deeper meaning because it’s tailored just for the individual. Getting these hand-made pieces might take a bit longer, as well, but the results can be stunning pieces. Knowing the differences between the two can go a long way in determining which is right for you. 

Quality of Materials

When purchasing jewelry, it’s important to consider the exact piece you’re looking for. If you have an idea for your special item, it is equally important to know what that piece will be made of. Artisan jewelry will commonly be made of higher quality materials, since the buyer has a say in exactly what they want. Mass-produced jewelry is often made of lower quality, since it’s using materials that are more readily available – such as synthetic gemstones or alloy metals. 

Artisan jewelry is crafted with top quality in mind, using natural gemstones and pure metals like gold and silver, for example. The gemstones will be carefully selected and make sure it fits the buyer’s design and style. Artisan jewelry is usually hallmarked, meaning the authenticity of the stone and metal’s purity are guaranteed. The lower quality of the mass-produced materials is what will drive down the price point, but that comes at the cost of authenticity and cutting out your own personal aesthetic. 

Unique Experience 

The experience of working with an artisan jeweler can be as unique as the piece that gets designed. By working with a designer, you get exact customization based on your needs and style. This is absent with mass-produced jewelry, as those pieces are simply cranked off an assembly line for consumers to select if they choose. By allowing the chance for feedback, the designer will be able to use the buyer’s suggestions to create a piece with the right materials and design. 

The attention to detail by the artisan jeweler will allow for the intricate precision the buyer seeks in the piece. Every aspect of the piece will be carefully crafted to deliver that one-of-a-kind look specific to the buyer. The main driving factor behind mass-produced jewelry is to quickly to create as many pieces as possible. Artisan jewelry takes time, but the attention to detail will not be sacrificed, giving the buyer exactly what they want in a piece that will last a lifetime. 

Not all jewelry is created equal, and the meaning behind these pieces comprises a large part of their makeup. For more information on the benefits of purchasing hand-crafted jewelry over mass-produced items, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today.

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