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Good design matters

Good design matters

Let’s talk fundamentals

Actually, one fundamental: Good design matters. It’s my credo, the thing that informs my work, dictates my decisions, and influences how I live. “Good design matters” is the lens through which I view and critique the world.

But what does it mean?

I value how things are made. Quality is paramount. Things—your handbag, the hose you use to water your perennials and yes, the house you live in—are made to last, ideally with sustainable materials that don’t wreak havoc on the environment or waste precious resources. Purchasing things that are well designed and long-lasting results in less consumption. You find yourself valuing what you own rather than tossing a defective product and purchasing a new one, which is also a plus because, landfills.

Good design informs my creative process

“Good design matters” injects itself into my design process, unspoken, unwritten yet very much informing my work. Sustainability—inherent in my definition of good design—is our core guiding principle at Kate Maller Jewelry. All pieces are handcrafted from high quality, fair-mined 18K recycled gold and recycled Argentium silver. We source conflict-free and fair trade diamonds, and all of our small accent diamonds are 100 percent reclaimed. The result is the creation of quality heirlooms that last.

Well-designed pieces speak to you

Try this for fun: look at your jewelry collection and pick up a piece that speaks to you. Note the care and attention given to the design and the artistry, manifested in the object itself. If the artist approaches her work like I do, you can actually feel her desire to bring you joy. Artists for whom good design matters hold themselves to a higher standard of craftsmanship, and it shows.

Good design makes people happy

I know, a big claim, but hear me out: well-designed cars, corkscrews and computers (design was Steve Jobs’s mantra) result in less frustration, fewer glitches, and an enhanced user experience. Even better, good design, often simplistic, can improve people’s lives. I’m thinking of a basic system for transporting water from a mountain spring to a remote village in the developing world. The design is simple yet ingenious; its application continues to change the lives of thousands of people around the globe.

I’m not bringing water to the developing world, but I do aim to create jewelry that makes people happy. I set the intention for happiness when I begin, and keep that intention throughout the process. I believe that the energy and spirit of that intention find their way into every piece of Kate Maller jewelry. May it be true for you.

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