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Every day is Earth Day at KMJ

Every day is Earth Day at KMJ

What does Earth Day have to do with jewelry making? Everything if you’re Kate Maller Jewelry. A commitment to sustainability is at the core of our approach to jewelry design and craftsmanship. Sustainability drives the materials we use and the ways we source our diamonds and gemstones. We appreciate the natural world and do everything we can to preserve natural resources in the creation of our jewelry.

As a KMJ customer, you honor the tenets of Earth Day by purchasing jewelry that only features recycled, high-quality precious metals and reclaimed or ethically-sourced diamonds and gemstones. Nature’s imperfections, diverse textures, and original shapes inspire every KMJ collection. It's impossible to get more organic than nature in her purest form, awash in extraordinary beauty.

Celebrate spring! If you’re a homeowner with a yard, plant a tree to commemorate Earth Day. In a few years the shade will feel luscious during the dog days of summer. When the weather turns warmer, pop a tomato plant in a large container, set it in the sun on your deck, balcony, or patio, and enjoy sweet, juicy tomatoes in August. Growing your own food is a wonderful way to honor Earth Day.

Even the simplest decisions can be consequential for the environment. Are you a re-user or a use-once-and-toss? What about errands in the neighborhood… on foot? On a bike? Run the errand + get some exercise. Fresh air does wonders for the spirit.

Collectively, let’s do our part to keep the planet healthy and thriving for generations to come. You have our word that every piece of Kate Maller jewelry adheres to the highest standards of sustainability in jewelry making. We also hold the independent artisans featured in the KMJ Denver and Aspen boutiques to those same high standards. Happy spring, and let’s do our part to make every day Earth Day.

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