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Best Valentine’s Day gifts

Best Valentine’s Day gifts

Stumped about what to give your significant other, spouse, or bestie this Valentine’s Day? Read on!

To set you on the path of finding the perfect gift, the KMJ team has offered up their favorites. They know our jewelry lines and unique handcrafted gifts better than anyone, so here goes. Prepare to be dazzled! We bet you find something—or many things—you love.

Kate, jewelry designer & craftsman, KMJ owner

Rachel Quinn Shackled Heart Necklace: What better way to show your love than with this unique + whimsical handmade rose quartz necklace! Also, Band of Outlaws parfum by West Third Brand, because it smells amazing, and who doesn’t want to smell good for the ones they love, and themselves.

Tess, KMJ bench jeweler

Ex Voto XIV Ring in 14k Gold by Maiden Voyage: I adore this ring not only because the piece is masterfully crafted and engraved by hand, but because its title, “Ex Voto”, signifies the ring as an offering. I love the idea of offering your loved ones a physical token to signify your dedication to them.

Constellation Vessel in Bronze with a Black Finish: The texture, color, and weight of this incredible work of art is breathtaking. If you’re looking for a unique gift, this is it! 

Pamela, KMJ Denver store

Luana Tiny Moon Stud: What a great way to let someone know that you love them to the moon and back!

Petite Baleine Buttercup and Diamond Ring: A beautiful stacking ring for your sweet buttercup.

Christie, KMJ Denver store

Future Glory Arizona Rolltop Backpack: Nothing says “I love you” like a backpack ready for adventure! This is a great everyday bag  and also makes a great companion for a day hike or simply exploring the outdoors.

Petra Class Faceted Ruby Marquis Ring: This is a one-of-a-kind ruby ring that has a timeless essence. The ring’s deep red is contrasted against a vibrant 22k gold bezel, offering a feeling of deep love that exudes vibrancy. 

Saara, KMJ Denver store

Spirit Dove Medallion Necklace: I love Communion by Joy’s style and her inspiration drawn from the beaches in Hawaii. This medallion is timeless and has designs on the back, too!

KMJ Petite Dusted Studs: Perfect everyday studs! Signature KMJ dusted detail makes these fun and unique.

Meg, KMJ Aspen store

Moon Bath Waxing Moon Bath Tea: If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that we need to take care of ourselves. Why not start by pampering yourself on Valentine’s Day? Pour Steep Moon Bath’s Waxing Moon Bath Tea into a pot, or better yet, into Yield’s Clear Glass French Press. Add boiling water and let the tea steep to extract all the benefits of the botanicals. Pour into your newly-drawn bath and treat yourself to the nourishing effects of a luxurious, relaxing soak.

Jackie, KMJ Aspen store

KMJ Organic Bubble Necklace, KMJ Traveler Huggie Hoops, KMJ Slice Diamond Stackers: The beautifully-featured rare red diamonds in these pieces are a reminder of your love everyday...not just Valentine's Day! Dainty and delicate for formal evenings, but also fun enough for everyday wear!

You can find these gifts and more at KMJ online 24/7. FREE shipping until Feb 11th. For in-person shopping, visit our stores in Denver and Aspen.

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