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Artist Spotlight: Michele Scholnick from Branch

Artist Spotlight: Michele Scholnick from Branch

Michele Scholnick’s path initially took a different turn, but in 2003 she founded Branch, her very own jewelry line, fueled (in her own words) by "vast amounts of caffeine, followed by slightly smaller amounts of bourbon."

Such liquids are not the only source of inspiration for this artist. Nature and its shapes often serve as the basis for most of her designs and guide her vision to create sleek, modern pieces that make a bold statement.

A Career Turn That Brought Creativity Back into Her Life

Scholnick earned both a law degree and a master's in political science prior to beginning her career as a jewelry designer. But in 2003, her path took a turn for the creative, and she founded Branch, her very own line of stunning accessories that follow a rather minimalistic design, while still being able to make a grand impact.

Inspired by organic shapes found in nature, Michele personally hand crafts all her pieces in her very own Venice, California studio. Regarding materials, she has a definite preference for diamonds, gold, and sterling silver.

And because you can never control when inspiration hits you, Michelle finds herself creating her signature pictures often at night, leaving plenty of time during the day to rest and recharge her creative batteries.

Branch at KMJ

Branch’s signature look is nothing if not a testimony of luxury and exquisite sleek designs. For a touch of bronze with Branch's signature look, browse the special home pieces

Kate Maller Jewelry is proud to carry a curated collection of Branch pieces that represent Michelle’s unique vision of style and refinement to the fullest. From diamond rings to rose gold earrings and ruby necklaces, our catalog holds many different stunning pieces that can elevate anyone’s style and add a touch of elegance.

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