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Artist spotlight: Adel Chefridi

Artist spotlight: Adel Chefridi

Say hello to one of our newest artists and his beautiful jewelry! Adel’s story begins in Tunisia, a land steeped in cultural diversity, located on the Mediterranean Sea in North Africa.

Adel spent his childhood surrounded by Phoenician, Roman, Byzantine, Arab, and Ottoman influences. This rich cultural heritage instilled a sense of wonder and pursuit of beauty in the young artist. Years later, Adel still draws inspiration from his early influences in the creation of his remarkable pieces.

In the late ‘90s, Adel left his homeland and moved to New York City, another place filled with diversity. He gravitated to the Diamond District in midtown Manhattan, where his love of jewelry-making was nurtured and evolved. Adel had taught himself jewelry-making in Tunisia. In New York he refined his metalsmithing skills at Studio Jewelers School and GIA. He showcased his work at “maker’s markets” in New York City and steadily built a following. In 2008, he started partnering with retailers. Kate Maller Jewelry became one of his retail partners in 2021.

A prominent theme in Adel’s jewelry is the significance of dots and lines. He’s captivated by their simplicity. Adel’s fascination with the meaning and beauty of symbols and patterns etched on stone or in metal began in childhood. His gorgeous designs and intricate details speak to the craftsmanship of his pieces and the multi-cultural influences of his youth in a land renowned for its museum-quality old-world treasures.

Today, Adel’s studio is located in Rhinebeck, New York, where he lives with his wife and their two daughters. His work features gold paired with brilliant emeralds, gold with blue, pink and multi-colored sapphires, sterling silver with mesmerizing aquamarine, and diamonds galore. Every piece speaks to the artist’s sense of wonder and love of beauty. KMJ carries a curated collection of Adel Chefridi jewelry online and in the KMJ boutique at 3450 W. 32nd Avenue in Denver. 

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