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Are There Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Jewelry Options?

Are There Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Jewelry Options?

Getting the perfect engagement ring is something every married couple strives to find, but locating the right look and style might not be enough. There are a lot of environmentally-conscious customers out there, and making sure their jewelry comes from an eco-friendly and sustainable background is very important to them. 

It’s important to understand a company’s brand and their practices when looking for unique engagement rings for women, and they shouldn’t be hard to find. A lot of companies will proudly advertise their sustainable and ethical processes, making it easier for customers to make more informed choices. Understanding what to look for, and what to ask, can give you a gorgeous piece of jewelry – as well as the peace of mind that it was made the right way. 

Look for Ethically Sourced Gemstones

One of the most important aspects of any piece of jewelry is the gemstones. Making sure gemstones are sourced ethically and sustainably will help make sure that the environment – and the communities the gemstones come from – aren’t harmed during the mining process. There are certifications – like Fair Trade Certification – to make sure that gems are sourced responsibly. They also promote environmentally friendly practices when mining the gems. 

Using ethically sourced gemstones goes a long way for the industry, as they support the expansion of worker’s rights and fair wages within the mining communities. Along with certifications, many jewelers will have their own high standards when it comes to sourcing gemstones. Asking the jeweler about these practices will offer insight to their processes, taking away the anxiety of not knowing where they came from. 

Local Production Can Create Great Options

Supporting local artisans can also reduce the carbon footprint associated with the transportation of some gems and precious metals. It can also support the local economy while still finding stunning pieces. Many local artisan jewelers have procedures in place to help make sure their pieces are made sustainably. Artisan jewelers will generally work with you to create the perfect piece, and the origin of the items is a natural part of the discussion. 

Jewelry can also be produced with recycled precious metals – like gold, silver, or platinum – which reduces the demand for metals that are newly mined. These recycled metals can be refined again to create new items while still being eco-friendly. Ethical jewelers will be up front about the origin of their gemstones and metals, and will be more than happy to answer your questions about their sourcing practices. 

There are lots of options out there for people that want eco-friendly and sustainable jewelry options. It’s simply a matter of finding the right jeweler that uses all of the practices that are important to the individual. Getting the right gemstones will give you the peace of mind in knowing they were sourced properly, and will give you that memorable item you’re looking for. If you have more questions about sustainable jewelry options, reach out to the experts at Kate Maller today.

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