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The Whimsical & Timeless Gift Bundle
The Whimsical & Timeless Gift Bundle


The Whimsical & Timeless Gift Bundle

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Ft. Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Petite Baleine

Brooklyn Candle Studio

P.F. Candle Co


Tahitian Keshi 14k Gold Shepherd's Hook Earrings

Tahitian Keshi Pearls exist by gorgeous accident.  They have no nucleus and are pure glowing nacre through and through... giving them amazing color and undertone, and an incredibly unique shape.  They are very rare and completely one-of-a-kind. These earrings hang from 14k gold.


Pinched Tea Cup – Seafoam

Collect one or all five. These sweet little pinch "bowls" are quite useful around the home. Keep a stack in your kitchen for salt, garnishes, or rings when you have dish duty. Leave one in the bathroom for hair ties, or on your night stand to keep your earrings safe while sleeping. The reveal texture from the pinching process and come in a variety of styles. 

-3" diameter x 2" tall, 3 fl oz capacity

-Made with porcelain clay and glossy or satin matte glaze

-Food, microwave, dishwasher safe

-Made in Maine


Escapist Votive Candle Set by Brooklyn Studio in Tuileries, Maui, & Santorini

Our Escapist collection takes you to our favorite places in the world, places we’ve traveled to that have a permanent place in our olfactory memories. We capture the scent of jasmine, muguet, and amber woods from the the Jardins de Tuileries in Paris to the dewy, woodsy aroma of Kyoto's streets after the rain. Hand-poured in screenprinted glass votives and packaged in perfectly giftable textured 3-piece rigid boxes.

This set includes: Bestsellers: Santorini, Maui, Tuileries

SANTORINI: Reminiscent of the earthy, fruity aromas of Santorini’s abundant fig trees and lush native currants. Woodsy notes of sandalwood and amber form a rich, warm base that will make you dream of the Greek Isles.

MAUI: The tide rises and falls on a secret beach on the island of Maui and with it, notes of sea salt, sea moss, and driftwood evaporate into the air. A touch of zesty bergamot and soft ylang ylang round out aromas of the ocean. 

TUILERIES: Inspired by an enchanting stroll through the idyllic Jardin des Tuileries in Paris, this candle finds delicate floral notes of tuberose and muguet dancing above a heart of jasmine and gardenia, anchored by a heady base of amber woods.


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