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The Polished & Refined Gift Bundle
The Polished & Refined Gift Bundle

The Polished & Refined Gift Bundle

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American Made


One Of A Kind Gift Bundle


This item is in stock + READY TO SHIP. It is One Of A Kind and only being offered through Mother's Day*


Ft. Elizabeth Benotti Ceramics

Petite Baleine

MCMC Fragrances


Japanese Microbead Necklace On 14k Gold

Perfect alone or in layers, tiny color-saturated Japanese microbeads move along a 16" 14k gold chain.


Ebb & Flow Bud Vase Series 2 – Ceramics

This vase is a play on curves, ebbs and flows. The texture resembles ripples in water. The silhouette is enchanting and plays well resting on a shelf. Place a couple special flowers in it when on hand. Mix and match glaze colors to create your own story. The vase is glazed in a stain matte glaze.

-4 1/2” diameter x 7” tall, holds 23 fl oz

-Made with porcelain clay and satin matte glaze

-Food safe, dishwasher safe, handwashing recommended

-Made in Maine


Kept - 9ml perfume oil - Red Roses/Black Tea/Leather/Clove


Kept is romantic with hints of rock n’ roll. Turning the notion of a kept woman on its head, the fragrance encourages women to look to themselves to evoke love. The long-lasting fragrance is built around red roses and black tea, with subtle notes of clove, leather, and amber.

Non-Toxic & Cruelty Free
This product is phthalate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, vegan and not tested on animals.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Essential Oils & Absolutes, Fragrance