Morpho Encasement Hoop Earrings

Morpho Encasement Hoop Earrings


American Made

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*** WARNING!!!! These cannot get wet. ***

Two iridescent Blue Morpho Butterfly wings, collected from an antique collection, are encased in polycarbonate and set with handmade rivets. 
A handmade clasp in your choice of metal completes this lightweight hoop. Wing layout is subject to vary. Proudly on the cover of Lark Books Studio Series: Earrings.

Butterfly wings, polycarbonate, and your choice of:

  • sterling silver with fine silver rivets

  • gold with gold rivets
    Large - 2" length, 2" width, 1/16" depth.
    Small -  1 1/2" length, 1 1/2" width, 1/16" depth.