Long Salome Fringe In Oxidized Silver & 18k Gold

Long Salome Fringe In Oxidized Silver & 18k Gold


American Made

Message From Our Makers


Sarah McGuire

Oxidized silver chains with 18k details hang from a framework of 18k gold.

  • Total drop 2-1/4”, earrings are approx. 5/8” wide18k earwires
  • Ships with anti-tarnish flannel pouch

  • Handmade in Chicago


New York-schooled, Chicago-based jewelry designer and metalsmith Sarah McGuire finds inspiration in organic forms, manmade curiosities and classic modernist design. Growing up in New England, Sarah spent her summers on the beaches of Cape Cod and coastal Connecticut, collecting objects and absorbing the landscape that would later inform her work as a jeweler.

From her timber-loft studio, the designer and a small team craft each piece of jewelry by hand. Sarah uses recycled metal – primarily high-karat gold and sterling – mixing it with linen, leather, rough gemstones and diamonds.

With its emphasis on both design and craftsmanship, Sarah’s spare, organic work rewards scrutiny without clamoring for attention. Her goal is to make timeless, meticulously crafted pieces that can be treasured for years to come.

One hundred percent of our raw metal – wire, sheet, and casting grain – is recycled. As the vast majority of our work consists of raw metal that we transform by hand, this means that the vast majority of our finished jewelry, including earwires and clasps, is made from recycled gold and silver. Our chain and findings are partially recycled and we look forward to increasing the percentage of recycled content as manufacturers increase availability. We diligently recycle as much gold and silver as possible in house. This eliminates the fuel consumption that would result from shipping to a refinery and also lowers our costs, enabling us to hold down the prices we charge.

With the exception of certain of our diamond beads and rose cut stones – about which, see below – all of our diamonds are compliant with the Kimberley Process.

We have not consistently found diamond beads or rose cut diamonds offered for sale that are certified as compliant with the Kimberley Process. While this does not mean their origins are in any way compromised, neither can we make any guarantees regarding their history. It is our policy to be as forthcoming and transparent as possible about the sources of all the materials we use. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.