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Cuervo Rays Necklace
Cuervo Rays Necklace

Cuervo Rays Necklace


American Made 


Alternative Materials


Warning:: CANNOT get wet, avoid contact with perfume

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Black sequins are delicately strung upon a blackened chain. Symmetrically interrupted by fragments of reflective "gold" sequins, this creates a fun visual break upon a structured and scooping line of black pattern. This piece is made from vintage gelatin sequins pre-dating WWII. These are thus not plastic sequins, rather most are from sometime around the 1930s and are made of gelatin. Given the use of materials and the unique design that allows for continuous movement, we prefer to view this necklace as a piece of sculptural art rather than what could be defined as traditional fine jewelry. Note:: this necklace features a magnetic clasp that uses strong magnets for an easy closure and removal.