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Maple Carved Burl Bowl - "The Winged Burl"
Maple Carved Burl Bowl - "The Winged Burl"
Maple Carved Burl Bowl - "The Winged Burl"

Maple Carved Burl Bowl - "The Winged Burl"


Canadian Made

Handcrafted - Sourced, Cut, Buried, Carved, Sanded, & Finished

Sustainably & Locally (To Canada) Sourced Materials

Family Owned & Operated

One Of A Kind


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Natural, one of a kind maple burl "bowls" to be the center of every home. Stunningly unique, avant-garde bowls sure to be a conversation starter. The perfect balance between the organic form and modern abstract forms. Each carved burl is a unique piece. When carving, we strive to follow the naturally grown exterior form to achieve a balance between the natural exterior and our smooth carved interior. Over the past few decades, we have developed methods of naturally spaulting wood by burying and aging it for up to 18 months.  By embracing nature and aging we can enhance the unique characteristics of different woods and create pieces with a balance between form, function and the incredible variation found in nature.  

- Acer Saccharinum, aka Silver Maple

Shipping: Our Burl Bowls are large, ornate pieces of strong and sturdy wood. That means they are heavy. They are available for free in store pick up. They are also available for shipping but these require a custom shipping quote. Please contact us for shipping details.