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SGD | Tobacco Leather

SGD | Tobacco Leather


West Third Brand

American Made

Handcrafted In-House

Limited Batch

Clean, Safe and Eco-Conscious Ingredients

Parabens, Phlatates, Sulfate Free

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Cosmetic Grade Alcohol


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Tobacco Leather Classic sweet tobacco enriched with the musky nature of worn leather; yet haunted with the smoky spirit of charred sandalwood and cedarwood. From the SGD, "Smell Good Daily" line.

The significant part of our fragrances are made of natural ingredients, we also use high-end synthetic ingredients however the majority of the formula is a special cosmetic grade alcohol
The synthetics ingredients used replace animalistic notes; like musks and leather notes plus a few botanical varieties that are in danger of extinction. Many times, they are safer in terms of allergens, and are synthesized from the organic compounds. 

- 2 floz
- Ingredients: filtered water, alcohol, essential oils and finely distilled perfume oils.